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Ignite the Fires of Bel the Sun God

Join us in celebration of Beltane

No upcoming events at the moment

Get comfy and dive deep into your inner fire...

the wisdom of the ancestors and the power of your divine feminine to vision your future and the future of New Earth.


You  will be guide through a simple energy sequence to ground and expand our collective field, and with the breath, you will place your attention on the intentions set forth and our host, Desiree DeMars will throw the bones to read the wisdom that flows through the sacred symbols.

We will make time for questions and responses after the reading and close the circle with gratitude and rattling. 

Screenshot 4-11-2023 1-19-44 PM.png

Presented by Desiree DeMars (she/her)

I am a coach, shamanic guide, hypnotist and sacred artist.

I am passionate about working with those seeking clarity and truth during deep transformation or anyone on a heart inspired path of evolution.

I am a guide for co-creating a shift from problem solving fixes or fear, to a creative orientation that activates your inner wisdom or inner child who is filled with innocence, awe and wonder.

I am a space keeper for love, truth and beauty through supporting you to create structures that resonate with your heart.

I have been a facilitator and program director at the Kripalu Center, the Omega Institute, Hippocrates Health Institute, HerbPharm and the Nosara Institute and held a private practice for two decades in Chicago.

In the early 70s I built an off-grid log home in northern Wisconsin connected to a community of artists, dreamers and elders. I portaged the Canadian Quetico for many years and now merge those wisdom teachings (one of which is beekeeping) with my Sacred Art, ceremony, hypnosis and coaching to guide others on their journey. Aho!

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