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Crystal Course for Beginners




Self Paced


About the Course

Today, healing stones and crystals are widely used to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit; remove negative barriers; enhance mental acuity; improve relationships and help create more positivity. If you want to learn how to harness the power of crystals to enhance your own life or the lives of others, this course is a must!

In this course, you will understand how crystals work and learn about the 25 crystals used most often as a solid starting point to begin your own crystal practice.

You will learn how to choose and cleanse crystals. You will also learn to program, charge, and use crystals for better health, creative inspiration, abundance, gardening, animal care, and grounding. Essential healing and chakra layouts will be taught in each class. Introduction to sacred geometry grid work with crystals and seeing the spirit within crystals you choose will complete the course.

As we seek alternative methods of healing and finding calm in our lives, holistic healing methods can help us tap into the energies of crystals. We can use them as a meditation tool, for peace and calming, for energizing our water, and most importantly, for our own emotional and spiritual expansion.

Using crystals can be in a grounded, practical manner (forget the over the top “woo woo” of waving a magic crystal wand around, it’s not happening here!) that works with your everyday life. Let’s dig in together to bring new awareness to your life.

Your Instructor

Cheri & Key

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Cheri & Key
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