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Finding Me in the Uncertainty of Who I Thought I Was




6 Weeks


About the Course

As we age, life unfolds in ways we often cannot predict. The more experiences we have, the more distant we can feel and the more incongruent we can become to the “true” or authentic voice inside our hearts.

Uniquely and carefully designed for women with elements of self-discovery and support that are important for old beliefs to be dispelled forever. In this course, you will unmask hidden truths and rediscover who you must be so you can express yourself fully!

This powerful course contains lessons that will lead you on a step-by-step journey spread over 6 weeks.

Each participant can work through the materials at their own pace during the week,

This course is a prerequisite for Self-Compassion - Deep Exploration.

Due to the intensive nature of this course and the self-exploration into one’s inner thoughts, feelings, and emotions, it is not recommended for persons not willing (or able) to fully commit to the course rigor and supports offered.

Your Instructor

Ashley Amerson

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Ashley Amerson
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