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About Be-Keepers

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Be-Keepers Collective was created to support you in your quest to live in more perfect harmony with yourself and the world around you.

Cheri Villa

Cheri Villa has had an extensive career in corporate and nonprofit executive management. It was as the Chief Operating Officer of the National Alliance for Mental Illness that Cheri witnessed firsthand how pervasive the suffering and issues surrounding mental and physical illness are in this country. People are suffering from mental, spiritual, and bodily diseases which can only be healed from the inside. This led Cheri to want to help people on a more personal basis by becoming an ICF-certified Leadership and Life Coach.

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She now owns her own practice, Pegasus Horse Wisdom, and focuses on helping people find mastery over their own lives and the passion to live them more completely. 

Whether working remotely or in person, an integral part of Cheri’s approach is using the instinctive coherence of horse wisdom to inform and reflect on where her clients are energetically so she can help them remove obstacles and challenges in their life. At her horse farm in Ocala, Florida, Cheri brings individuals and groups together for onsite workshops with her horses as part of the coaching staff. The power of combining co-active coaching and horses is awe-inspiring when witnessed in person. Their social intelligence and energetic superiority allow clients to experience healing and insights at an accelerated pace.

Key Burns

Key Burns is a nationally certified and licensed Clinical and Sports massage therapist. Having practiced for 22 years she is trained in deep tissue, cranial sacral therapy, developmental stretching and rehabilitation of muscles, structural integration, reflexology, lomi lomi, hot and cold therapies including stones, acupressure, and myofascial and trigger point release. 

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Her work with the body led her to explore energetic modalities to help clients release denser holding patterns within the body including Nelson Bach Flower remedies, aromatherapy, sound vibration, color therapy, Reiki mastership in the Usui school and the Karuna school, chanting, crystal healing and master herbalist certifications. Believing the body is the storehouse of our collective DNA and programming she works with clients to uncover sensations and patterns held in the body and bring resistance, density, and places of holding into awareness where they can be tended by the heart and mind connection. 

Having practiced Transcendental Meditation (™) since the 90’s she is devoted to her meditation and yoga practice. Over the past several years Key developed her skills and certifications in mindfulness coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, and a deep dive into shadow work. Recognizing the wisdom of resistance in the body and how we learn from working to a place of resistance and holding as her Yin Yoga practice illustrated through the years Key now works with the mind in the same way. 

Coaching practices are client solutions focused on removing the patterns and conditioning holding individuals from discovering the true nature of the inner wise heart. Helping clients uncover the unique beauty and training resistance removing uncovers the unique expression of life wanting to live itself through each individual being. 


She hosts workshops, meditation, and intention groups (currently on zoom) and enjoys watching all beings receive greater self-love and compassion through mid-wifering them through shadow work.

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